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One of the most challenging aspects of doing production in a church setting is that church happens every week. During the week we have meetings, stuff to fix and install, TPS reports to file and a host of other things to get done. It’s pretty easy to drop into mechanical […]

The Intentional Tech

A while back, I was on a panel at a conference, and we were taking questions from the audience. We had quite a few good ones, but this question has stuck with me (and this is a paraphrase of what I remember…the exact question isn’t as important as the thought […]

Do a Good Job

  I remember it like it was yesterday. Walking into that large church for conference, looking around at the amazing auditorium, seeing all the gear, marveling at the lights, the sound, the production level. It was at once a magical and utterly depressing experience. All week I sat there thinking […]


Last week, my friend Andrew Stone wrote a great article over at Church Tech Leaders. Titled Balancing the Boundary, he discussed his journey of reigning in the need/desire of working too much. It’s a well written article and you should go read it. I agree completely with what he said. […]

On Working Less

The other night, my friend Van and I had the honor of attending another Grove Gathering. Grove Gatherings are informal meetings of fellow artists from all over SoCal. We sat in the room with filmmakers, worship leaders, writers, painters and even a few other tech directors. I love going to […]

Artists Influence Everything